PURE: Why The Bible’s Plan For Sexuality Isn’t Outdated, Irrelevant, Or Oppressive

“I fear we are experiencing an overcorrection to the failures and flaws of purity culture. Missteps of fallible human people do not erase or alter the infallible design of the holy and perfect Creator. I have always thought the saying “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water” sounded weird, but it is the appropriate expression to describe what is happening among certain Christians regarding sexual ethics. We’re not simply correcting the flaws of purity culture and pursuing a different path of truth and grace. No, professing Christians are living with their boyfriend or girlfriend, affirming same-sex marriage, laughing at any call to modesty, and agreeing with a surrounding sexual revolution that God’s design found in the Bible is outdated or even oppressive. The church has a challenge in front of her if we are going to be faithful in not only declaring the whole counsel of God but also walking as faithful disciples, pointing a lost and broken world to a design that is for God’s glory, and for their good.” -Dean Inserra on page 21-21 of his book “Pure: Why The Bible’s Plan For Sexuality Isn’t Outdated, Irrelevant, Or Oppressive”

I would HIGHLY recommend THIS book to you. In my opinion, Christians are becoming fearful when it comes to communicating what the Bible has to say about our sexuality. I appreciate Dean Inserra writing clearly and biblically about these important issues. Here are some the topics that Dean explores in this book:

Lie No.1: “Sex Is Expected”

Lie No. 2: “Marriage is a Capstone, Not a Cornerstone”

Lie No. 3: “Porn is the Norm”

Lie No. 4: “Gay is Okay”

Lie No. 5: “My Bedroom is My Business”

Lie No. 6: “Nobody Has to Know”

Lie No. 7: “Cohabitation Just Makes Sense”

Are you a teen? Get this book. Single, married, old or young? Maybe it is even more important if you are a parent! You should get and read this book. It will point you to the truths in God’s Word and give you the boldness and grace you need to tell the world that God is the One who designed sex and his plan is best.

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