Self-Help Is Not Enough (“When Strivings Cease” by Ruth Chou Simons)

“If we believe Jesus is all we need, then why do we live our days worn out, fearful, and anxiously striving as if we are lacking and unable to measure up?” -When Strivings Cease

Let me begin by saying that “When Strivings Cease” Replacing The Gospel of Self-Improvement With The Gospel Of Life-Transforming Grace” by Ruth Chou Simons is fantastic. Ruth’s website can be found at THIS link.

There are so many Christian books targeted at woman, and in my opinion, many of them are not very good. This book is filled with honesty about Ruth’s own struggles but most importantly it is filled with the truths from God’s Word.

The attempt to keep all the plates spinning, keeping up appearances, acting like we have it all together will drain the life out of you. Ruth points us to the one place where we can find the deep rest, peace, and contentment that we are all looking for; the good news of Jesus Christ. I strongly recommend buying and reading this book!

HERE is a podcast where Collin Hansen interviewed Ruth. Great stuff!

“If there is a gospel of self-improvement, it is a damning one. It is a gospel that is not good news at all; it will wall you off, shrivel you up, and destroy your sensitivity to God’s pursuit. This is why it must be utterly destroyed and replaced with the true gospel of life-transforming grace. Only the grace of God is enough to bring us home, make us worthy, and keep us in the love of God.” -When Strivings Cease

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