God, Greed, And The Prosperity Gospel

Have you heard about the prosperity gospel but don’t really understand what it is all about? Are you, or someone you know, being influenced by gospel prosperity preachers? Do televangelists who make millions of dollars make you question if they love God or money? Do you want to learn more about the Word of Faith Movement? Have you wondered if the healers you see on TV are legit?

Costi Hinn is the author of “God, Greed, And The Prosperity Gospel” and he is also the nephew of the world famous Benny Hinn. Costi worked with Benny Hinn for a number of years so he understands all the secrets and lies that are a part of the prosperity gospel movement. I am about 3/4 of the way through this book and I would strongly encourage you to buy it, read it, and share it with a friend. The prosperity gospel is a false teaching and it is causing havoc all over the world.

“Today, the prosperity gospel has exploded to become one of the most popular teachings in the world. It has overtaken continents like Africa and South America as it continues to breed pastors and people who are looking to land a serious payday.” p. 159

The book is very readable, biblical, and I pray that it will cause many people to see the terrible spiritual dangers associated with the prosperity gospel.


  1. hankroso says:

    I’ve got the book but I haven’t read it yet. I read Defining Deceit, his previous book and found it to be an eye-opener. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog

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    1. Glad you are enjoying the blog. Have a nice day Hank!


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