3 Year Anniversary at New Life Church

I was at an elder’s meeting this morning and one of the elders mentioned to me that this Sunday would be my 3 year anniversary at New Life Church. Sunday, April 15th, will mark three full years since I first preached here at New Life.

Wow! Where has time gone?

My family and I feel incredibly grateful to be here in Watertown. I can say for certainty that the reason we love it here so much has NOTHING to do with the weather!

Noah in Snow.JPG
It’s not the weather. It is the wonderful people here at New Life and in Watertown that make us feel like we are home. I have said this many times over the past few years but I love saying it. I have never enjoyed ministry as much as I do now.

Audra and NoahWatertown SunriseParade.JPG

It is such a blessing to see our kids building friendships, getting involved in the life of the church and putting down roots. But it’s not just our kids. Marcie and I feel like we are building relationships that will last a life time. We are looking forward to continuing to get to know this church and this city better in the coming years. I can say with a full heart that we are deeply blessed to be able to ‘do life’ with people like you!

watertown sky

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