A Book I Want To Encourage The Ladies To Read

One of my strongest convictions as a pastor is that followers of Christ need to be immersing their hearts and minds in the Word of God. With that said I want to recommend “Women of the Word” by Jen Wilkin.

Jen WilkinI must confess to having another motive for encouraging you to read this book. There is just a lot of junk out on the market today when it comes to “Christian Living.” This is true for books written for men and women. So, when I find an author that is faithful to God’s Word, like Jen, I want to pass along the good news!

In the book Jen gives the reader the Five P’s of Sound Study:

  • Study with Purpose
  • Study with Perspective
  • Study with Patience
  • Study with Process
  • Study with Prayer

When women grow increasingly lax in their pursuit of Bible literacy, everyone in the circle of influence is affected. Rather than acting as salt and light, we become bland contributions to the environments we inhabit and shape, indistinguishable from those who have never been changed by the gospel. Home, church, community, and country desperately need the influence of women who know why they believe what they believe, grounded in the Word of God. They desperately need the influence of women who love deeply and actively the God proclaimed in the Bible. p. 49 “Women of the Word”

Then towards the end of the book, chapter 8, Jen makes it very practical by having her readers practice what they have been reading by studying the book of James. (A book of the Bible that I just began preaching through!) Again, this instruction is fairly easy to follow and it takes you step by step through the Five P’s of Sound Study.

To live the life that God has called us to we need to know the Word. For our marriages to grow and flourish we need to know the Word of God. To be able to guide our children in daily life we need to know the Word of God. I hope this book is a huge blessing to you as you seek to know God better through his Word.



  1. mspoelstra says:

    Great thoughts Michael. I like it that you are reading women stuffJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Melissa. Yeah, God has been putting women’s Ministry on my heart lately. There are so many books out there and so much of it has appealing but bad theology. We all need to be grounded in the Word of God.


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