If Jesus Were An American Preacher

One of the things I am currently working on is writing a curriculum to help people make disciples of Jesus Christ. I would like to have it available this fall for the wonderful people of New Life Church.

As I have been reading and studying this summer about discipleship I came across this convicting excerpt from “Growing Up: How To Be a Disciple Who Makes Disciples” by Robbie Gallaty.

Greatest Show On Earth

Between 22 and 10 B.C., Herod constructed a mammoth amphitheater in the seacoast town of Caesarea, less than thirty miles from the birthplace from Christ. Supported by granite columns, this magnificent structure was the first of its kind, providing seating for 3,500 to 4,000 people. While we cannot be sure, most historians assume that Jesus visited this town. Archaeologists are certain that He at lest knew of Herod’s amphitheater.

If Jesus has been an American preacher, He would surely have seen a glowing opportunity presented by this colossal venue. The local media would have advertised the event as, “The Greatest Sermon on Earth. The lame will walk, the blind will see, the deaf will hear, and the dead will rise. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, kids of all ages, come and meet God in the flesh-Jesus Christ.” Jesus would have sent his disciples through the town with flyers in hand and instructions to place them on every chariot they could find. It would have been billed as the biggest revival the world had ever seen. If Jesus had carried out ministry like many of our pastors today, He would have packed the place with people every night for weeks. Cards would have been signed, hands would have been raised, and people would have walked the aisles.

But Jesus was not an American Pastor. Although He spoke to large crowds on occasion, ministering to the masses was not Jesus’ first priority. His foremost concern was twelve men. Yes, He spent his life training a dozen men to obey His commands. P. 100-101

I am convinced that there is a discipleship gap in many churches today. Can I speak plainly with you? We are OK with preaching and programs but we stink at messy, relational discipleship.

How can we grow as churches when it comes to intentional, relational discipleship?

Who has God placed in your life for you to build a relationship with and disciple?

Photo taken from wideopencountrydotcom



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