Day 3 in Israel

Day 3 here in Israel is winding down. We went to:

King Herod’s castle-Learned all about King Herod and we were able to walk through the remains of his castle. His castle is on the West Bank just a little south of Jerusalem.

The Shepherd’s Field-This is the place where the angels told the shepherds the good news of the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Church of the Nativity-This is a church and inside the church you can go see the location of Jesus’s birth.


1-What a great group of people I am traveling with! Everyone has a good attitude and they are eager about getting out and exploring the Holy Lands.

2-Our tour guide is a Palestinian Christian and so we are hearing everything from a Palestinian perspective. In some ways this is good because it is really forcing us to think about Israel/Palestine relations in a new way.

3-It is amazing to think that so many people are still traveling to Israel because of this one man, Jesus Christ. There is no doubt about the impact Christ has had upon all mankind. People are flocking here to see the place where Jesus lived, died, and was resurrected.

Breakfast with the crew
The living quarters of King Herod
The site where Jesus was born
Church of the Nativity (built on the location of Jesus’ birthplace)
The size of their coffee 😢
A painting for sale for $6000.00
The West Bank (right outside of Herod’s castle)

Going to dinner soon. Looking forward to traveling to Galilee tomorrow morning.


  1. Jana says:

    Wow so cool. Were you allowed to take pictures of the inside of King Herod’s castle?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, we were. Pretty exciting. Of course Herod was an evil man. But the history is super cool.


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