Day 1 in Israel!

As I type this I am getting ready to go to bed at Angel Hotel in Bethlehem. It has been a long day of travel.

Sioux Falls to Chicago

Chicago to Frankfurt

Frankfurt to Tel Aviv

All the travel plans worked out nicely and we all arrived safely.

Found out today that the gentleman (Abraham is his name) who is our tour guide is a Palestinian Christian. He takes his job seriously and we are anticipating an excellent tour of the Holy Lands with him.

Abraham told us that over 70% of the Jews in Israel are secular. This of course makes us sad because we would love for all people to know how amazing Jesus is.

I am so tired and looking forward to getting some rest. I will post every day that we are here in Israel.


  1. Diane Peterson says:

    Prayers to you all! Thanks for the update!🙏🙏

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      1. Nita says:

        Thank God that you arrived safely!

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    1. Jana says:

      Oh this is so cool that you have this set up. Looking forward to your daily entries. May the Lord give you good rest.

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  2. hankroso says:

    Thanks Michael!

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  3. Sara Florey says:

    Love all the pictures and updates!

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    1. I will post every day!


  4. Bryon Stee says:

    Hey Brother, we are excited that you are there and look forward to experiencing it through you.

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    1. Stay tuned! More posts coming!


  5. Amanda says:

    What a blessing to be there! Praying for safety and fun for all, on your cool adventure!

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    1. Thank you for praying!


      1. Robin says:

        How amazing! I pray you and your traveling team have a wonderful time!


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