What if I told you we were doing it all wrong?

We see changes in our culture and it is freaking us out

It has been written and said that we are living in a post-Christian culture. A post-Christian culture can be defined as “a culture where the Christian faith and worldview no longer has a dominant influence in society.” Many of us were brought up in a world where there was common ground when it comes to absolute truth and morality. That is definitely not the case any more. The problem is the way in which Christians are responding to the changing culture. Out of fear and insecurity about the loss we are experiencing we have become angry and have begun to fight a culture war.

We need to understand what is going on beneath the surface in the hearts and minds of the people all around us

What we need to do is stop and realize that the arguments we are having are, for the most part, symptoms of something much deeper. Let’s take sexuality for example. Many Christians are shocked regarding how our culture’s view of sexuality has changed. So, what do we do? We will argue with people (very rarely in person) about the issue of sexuality. What we normally find is that our arguments have very little power to change anyone’s mind. Why do you think that is true?

The reason that it is true is due to the fact that their world views have completely changed. Our culture’s view of truth, gender, and morality have changed massively over the years. Think of it this way, we are arguing with people about the software when the real problem is the hardware. It might just be possible that our “conversations” are having little impact because they are not going deep enough.

We need to go beyond throwing truth grenades and look to build relationships

So what do we do? One main idea that I keep expressing time and time again is that we need to build actual relationships. We have to give up the idea that the hard hitting meme we post or the political rant is going to make any difference. All that it is going to do is push people away and make it less likely that they will ever come to know the Truth personally.

Imagine this for a moment. Christians, working hard to build old-fashioned relationships with people who are very different from them. Listening. Showing genuine empathy. Asking lots of questions. Being open to the idea that we can learn from others who come from very different backgrounds. It is in the context of a relationship that we can go beyond the surface and talk about the basis, or the foundation, for what we say we believe. The online post or rant is easy, and if we are honest, it feels good to throw out an occasional truth grenade and pretend that we actually accomplished something positive. To go deeper in relationship will come about only when we love people more than we love winning an argument. But the question we are faced with is this, will we take the time, get out of our comfort zone, and actually build relationships with people very different from us?


  1. I was very much convicted the same way. However, even with so many relationships of different worldviews, I had to to present the truth in a way that reshapes personal paradigms especially my own with the gospel of Christ. I have found that chiseling away at false views of God and making good sense of Christ in life’s paradigm is the most effective approach to apologetics. I see this in Paul’s approach in Acts 17. 🙂

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    1. Yes, and what you are talking about requires time and relationship. Good to hear from you!


      1. Yes. It definitely takes time. Great article.

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  2. hankroso says:

    Thanks Michael,

    This is very helpful. (I like the reference to “truth grenades.”) Thanks so much for all the various ways you reach out to our world.

    Here is a question for “Ask Pastor Michael” Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? I’ve always wondered. 😃

    I hop you have a nice week.


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    1. That is a good question Hank! The answer to your question is ‘no.” They were never attached to their mother, why would they have a belly button? For my quick and accurate response you owe me a vanilla latte from Caribou!


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