Developing Leaders in the Church (Pipeline Leadership Conference)


I will be attending Pipeline Leadership Conference this October. I am excited because I don’t think I have ever attended a conference quite like this one. Often times conferences feel like a celebrity pastor parade. The net result is a nagging sense that you don’t quite measure up to the work that others are doing. I am hoping and praying that this is a bit different.

Here is a description of the conference from their own website…


Ephesians 4 says that the calling of church leaders is not simply to do the work of ministry but to train the people in the work of the ministry in order to have the healthiest, most effective churches. Pipeline equips you to do just that.

Pipeline will help you learn how and why to create a leadership pipeline to develop people at every level in your church from weekly volunteers to pastoral staff.

Main Conference (October 13th) will feature plenary sessions as well as TED-style presentations to flesh out leadership pipeline application and implementation. Q&A will follow each session, moderated by the co-hosts of our popular 5 Leadership Questions podcast. Throughout Pipeline, attendees will enjoy the sounds of gifted artists Courtland Urbano and ANdrew Greer

Coaching Day (October 12th or 14th) is for attendees desiring a deeper dive and additional training in developing a leadership pipelines. Our consultants and trainers will assist you in implementing a pipeline plan at your church. Pastors and staff will take an inventory of leaders, explore how leadership development occurs, and examine how to provide quality content and training. Coaching Day seating is limited in a smaller, more interactive environment.

Pipeline is unlike other church leadership events because it offers real training, something staffs can take home and implement immediately. We hope to see hundreds of churches impacted and healthier through Pipeline, and we would love you to be part of it.

I’m looking forward to the conference and it is my plan is to share with you some of the insights I glean upon my return.

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