Looking to do something big for God?


I was chatting on the phone this week with Marty Sweeney, Executive Director of Matthias Media Ministries, about working to develop a culture of discipleship within the local church. One of their resources for helping discipleship to flourish is called “The Course of Your Life.” During the conversation Marty asked me to look at page 126…

We are often tempted to think that the next big thing God wants us to do involves a grand plan of some sort; that if we’re going to contribute to the work of his kingdom it will mean signing up for something at the church, or putting on an impressive event that you invite lots of people to. And these things are all good.

But truthfully, the next step is a person-because that’s how it happens: one person at a time. That’s what we talked about during the intensive. The next step is for you to prayerfully consider who you could shepherd towards maturity in Christ by prayerfully speaking God’s Word to them in some way.

I do believe that many of us are missing what God wants to do in and through us because we are waiting for the next big thing to be involved with. What if the next big thing was a person that God has already brought into your life (home, church, neighborhood, workplace, school)?

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