When are we going to stop talking about being missional?

When we fail to see the connection between daily life and the Mission of God we are in danger of living in our own fabricated man made story.

The couple wanted to know when the church was going to stop talking about the Mission of God and the idea of being missional. The answer was rather simple and straight-forward, “never”. We can’t be faithful to God’s Story and stop talking about the main theme.

That little conversation really did happen. Sadly, the couple really did leave the church. The reality is that many of us fail to see that EVERY area of life is wrapped up in the redemptive Story of God, otherwise known as the Mission of God. In all seriousness, to stop talking about the Mission of God is to stop talking meaningfully about everyday life. Consider this…

  • The greatest need that you, your marriage and your family has is to experience the redeeming work of Jesus Christ. Redemption of fallen creation is the Great Story we find ourselves in.
  • Your workplace has meaning not because you collect a paycheck there rather because God wants to use you and your work for his redemptive purposes.  Your cubicle is filled with purpose and meaning because it is a sphere of God’s redeeming activity.
  • Your neighborhood, your suburb, your city needs one thing more than anything else, for you to understand, embrace and join God in the redemptive work he is already doing.
  • Your church (any church) will become ingrown, lacking in purpose unless they align all of their activities with the redemptive activity of God in the world.

Blow your mind and do a detailed study on the word “redemption” in Scripture. What you will find is that participating in this all-encompassing redemptive Story of God is what life is all about. We can never stop talking about it.


  1. So true. When we steer away from the missional topic we forget what Jesus did and said.

    Good article. Thanks.


  2. Jeff Meyer says:

    In terms of living missionally on purpose, and talking about the mission on purpose, I do find that people get filled with anxiety when they only think about it and don’t actually live it. It’s interesting that when people actually start to live it and speak it, the anxiety and fear tend to dissipate.

    It’s similar to the phenomenon that happens in my life when I have a huge project to work on. When I’m thinking about it and not working on it, I can really get myself all worked up with anxiety and worry. But, when I’m actually “in the game” and working on it, I’m engaged and growing.


    1. Thanks Jeff. There is a tension that is created in our lives and in our churches when we realize that there is a disconnect with all the talking we do about being missional and how we actually live. I know this to be true because I feel it (tension) in my own life. As we move out on mission we do realize that it is not nearly as scary or creepy as we thought.


      1. Jeff Meyer says:

        I’ve discovered that it’s a lot simpler than we make it, and a lot more fun. Thanks for the post.


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