If the church was a factory what would it be producing?

I know the chuch is described as a “body” in Scripture, but allow me to use the metaphor of the church as a factory for a moment.

factory 1If the church was a factory what would it be producing? We can agree that the biblical goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:16-20). What if our factory was not properly set up to make disciples? What if the assembly line was rigged to make a different product?

Is it possible for a church to be organized in such a way that they are producing people who know how to attend services, pray, tithe, fellowship, sing, yet they are not investing in relationships to make disciples? The answer is yes.

I believe we should gather corporately for worship, preaching and communion; but somewhere along the way the relational aspect of life on life disciple making has been left behind.

I think we have to do the hard work of teaching, modeling and encouraging the church to return to the ways of Jesus. Investing in the few so that we can make an impact on the many.