Holy Sexuality

I am going to teach an eight week class called ‘Holy Sexuality” beginning Feb 19th at New Life Church. My goal is to video record each session and post it here on my blog. Below you will find a description of the class and the particular topic for each week.

Our American culture is working overtime to shape the way that we think, feel, and live when it comes to our sexuality. Which means that the very worst thing the church can do is to remain silent about sex, same-sex attraction, transgenderism, porn, purity culture, and the temptations that we all face each and every day. It has been said that the more religious a family is the less likely they are to talk about sex in the home. This needs to change in the home and in the church! When it comes to this class we want you to bring your questions. We want you to bring your friends. Together we will discover just how incredibly relevant God’s Word is when it comes to addressing all these topics. Pastor Michael will be leading this 8 week class and it all gets started on Sunday, Feb 19th, 10:15 AM. Hope to see you there!

Week 1-How We Got To “I’m A Woman Trapped In A Man’s Body”

Week 2-Is Our Sexuality Who We Really Are?

Week 3-What Purity Culture Got Wrong And Right

Week 4-Homosexuality

Week 5-Pornography

Week 6-Parenting Kids In A Hyper-Sexualized Culture

Week 7-Marriage and Divorce

Week-8-Growing In Holiness


  1. Jana Thompson says:

    I’m glad you will be addressing some sensitive topics. May the Lord guide you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always appreciate the prayers!


  2. Germinr says:

    Honestly, this sounds like a very beautiful topic. However, I’m a little skeptical as to what you might say. But I will be on the sidelines cheering you on because you’re right, these kind of things need to be talked about so that we can prepare ourselves for the world’s position. I hope to see more of your posts brother!

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    1. I will post all of the sessions. Will seek to stay as close as possible to God’s Word. 😄👍🏻

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