“The Thrill of Orthodoxy” by Trevin Wax

Do-it-yourself spirituality is becoming more and more common these days. Based on my personal observation I would describe do-it-yourself spirituality as picking and choosing what we want to believe based on our personal preferences and desires. This is in stark contrast with biblical Christianity which is about discovering the truth outside of ourselves (primarily in the Word of God) and adjusting our lives accordingly.

Because we live in a time when people increasingly think truth is found by looking inside ourselves we desperately need a book like “The Thrill of Orthodoxy” by Trevin Wax. I purchased and read the book and I strongly encourage you to buy and read it as well. I have a hard time imagining that I will read a better or more important book this year.

A book about orthodoxy? Isn’t that kinda…boring? That is exactly the lie that Wax is working so hard to dispel:

Orthodoxy is an ancient castle with spacious rooms and vaulted ceilings and mysterious corridors, a vast expanse of practical wisdom handed down from our forefathers and mothers in the faith. Some inhabit the castle but fail to sift through its treasures. Others believe the castle stands in the way of progress and should be torn down. A few believe the castle’s outer shell can remain for aesthetic purposes, so long as the interior is gutted. But in every generation, God raises up those who see the value in the treasure, men and women who maintain a deep and abiding commitment to recognize and accentuate the unique beauty of Christian truth so that future generations can be ushered into its splendor.

The world finds it thrilling to follow the suggestion of the old song from the 1960s-“to make your own kind of music” and “sing your own special song.” You decide what song to sing, what path to follow, what traditions to cast off, and what beliefs work for you “even if no one else sings along.”

But the truth is, the reverse is more thrilling: we need the “old old story” of “how a Savior came from glory.” We need to be part of a courageous choir of Christians-reawakened to the beauty and majesty of the Christian melody, committed to right belief and right worship. To join our voices with the apostles two thousand years ago, singing the one song that by the power of the Spirit still resonates today.

The Thrill of Orthodoxy, pages 8-9

I sometimes hear people say that there really is no such thing as orthodoxy. In fact at times people will go so far to say that making the claim of orthodoxy is really just a way for people in power to oppress others. Trevin does a great job of dispelling such thinking by pointing us back to the creeds of the early church and of course back to the Word of God.

This book is for the student who is being told that the Bible is out dated and we need to be more progressive and enlightened in our thinking.

This book is for the pastor who is tempted to remove the hard edges of Scripture so that their message is more palatable to the masses.

This book is for the person who finds themselves beginning to get bored with the story of Scripture and are looking for something new.

This book is really for everyone because we are all breathing in the toxic fumes of a culture that tells us that we alone can define what truth is for us.

100% I believe everyone, young and old, should read this book. It will deepen your love for God and for his Word and I also believe it will cause you to see the story of Scripture with a renewed sense of awe.

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