The Unsaved Christian (What is Cultural Christianity?)

“Do not flatter yourselves of being good enough, because you are morally so; because you go to church, say prayers, and take the sacrament, therefore you think no more required; alas, you are deceiving your own souls.” -George Whitfield

Have you ever been troubled by the claims that some people make of being a Christian but there seems to be little evidence of Christ in their life? I am going to argue in this video that there is such a thing as cultural Christianity. What is a cultural Christian? What do we do when we have family and friends who fall into the category of cultural Christians? Should we warn them? What is the most loving thing we can do? I talk about all of this in this video. Would love to hear your thoughts and idea so please feel free to comment.

I will also be referencing this excellent book “The Unsaved Christian” by Dean Inserra. If the topic of cultural Christianity interests you I would highly recommend you purchase this book. Challenging and biblical.


  1. Ron Pepper says:

    John 10:1 -18 especially 10:14


    1. I’m thinking you mean person is baptized by the Spirit when they are saved. Absolutely true. That is different than water baptism.

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  2. Ron Pepper says:

    I would say a person has to be baptized to be a christian. When I person becomes a believer in Christ, they are also baptized by The Holy Spirit and he seals them.


    1. Hi Ron! Baptism is an act of obedience as seen in Matthew 28:16-20. But it is not necessary for salvation. Here is a brief article that gives a biblical explanation:


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