1. Jean says:

    Hi Michael, I appreciate your concerns regarding the distortion of God’s desire to bless us in this present life. It’s unfortunate that Satan had twisted God’s desire for us into this warped version where Christians want blessings so they can consume them upon themselves alone. I think the Abraham Covenant is for us today and that God does desire to bless us financially and physically. So many scriptures support our ‘sozo’ salvation gospel given to us through Christ’s death and resurrection. The problem presents when we don’t realize that we are blessed to bless others which is what Abraham was told to do; bless the nations. I think the ‘norm’ is living under the sozo blessings of God, however, there are trials that come. There are mysteries we can’t explain but we still believe God’s promises whether we see them manifest in this life or not; much like the faith chapter in Hebrews. I believe I am rich and able to bless others but some would say, in comparison to others, I am poor. To me, it’s not a simple, cut and dried answer. Prosperity is good with a God perspective. God wants to bless His children. Praying with expectancy rather than expectation of a certain outcome is helpful to me and knowing that God is good and wants good things for me is important. Too bad the pendulum swung so far in a wrong direction as it causes the opposite reaction to swing too far the other direction at times. Thanks for your thoughts as it made me think as well. God’s continued blessings on your ministry. I enjoy your thoughts.

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    1. I like your emphasis on being blessed so that we can bless others. No doubt that is clearly taught in Scripture (Gen 12:2-3 is one example). We need a theology of suffering today. Paul taught it. Jesus taught it. But it is glossed over all too often today. The result is that we don’t know who to respond biblically to trials. Thanks for jumping into the conversation! God bless!


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