1. Mamalava says:

    My understanding is no. I’ve been taught that it would fall under the warning about being unequally yoked. My observations would agree. There have been many problems in the marriages I’ve seen where the foundations of what the spouses believe is different. They have different worldviews and reactions as life happens. Their decisions are based on different criteria. Of course this is only for people who are strong in their faith, or lack of it. If it doesn’t affect the core of who you are, it won’t affect your marriage much either, I reckon.

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    1. You and I are on the same page! Thanks for stopping by!

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    2. David says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Someone who understands life through the lens of God’s Word has a Biblical worldview – they see the world through God’s eyes and their values are shaped by teachings in scripture. If one is in a relationship with someone else who does NOT hold a Biblical worldview, there are too many big things in that relationship that are likely to be valued differently. Values taught in raising children, handling finances, work/life balance, morality, lifestyle choices, and even the covenant of marriage itself. Any one of those differences can cause major turmoil. Yes, a relationship or marriage between a Christian and non-Christian is possible, but it is a choice to do it in the hardest way possible, at the cost of being the only one who holds certain values. Feelings come and go based on circumstances, but common values are foundational to a meaningful relationship. In my opinion, and this holds true for both the Christian and the non-Christian, an unbalanced relationship is a very lonely and difficult path, to have no meaningful support from the one person you most want support from.

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      1. David, very well said. Your comment is better than my blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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