Christianity and the Nightly News

I plan on preaching about “Christianity and the Nightly News” this coming Sunday. Hope to post the sermon next week.

What impact is the news and social media having on you and your family? All too often we are more impacted by the news and social media than we are the Word of God. If we are not careful we begin to experience attention deficit syndrome and become anxious, angry and apathetic. What we focus our hearts and minds on has the power to shape us into its image. Tragically we have become focused on world events and yet we fail to reach out and love those who are all around us in everyday life. Join us Sunday, Oct 10 as we explore the effects the news is having on us and turn to God’s Word for the remedy.

What impact do you think the news and social media is having on you and others that you know? What steps do you need to take to protect and nourish your soul in light of so much angry and polarizing daily news?

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