Interview with Pastor Tim LaFleur. Discussing the spiritual revival that has taken place at Long Hollow Church. (PODCAST)

I have been keeping my eye on Long Hollow Church for some time now. We (staff and elders at New Life Church) have taken some cues from Long Hollow and implemented a Discipleship Pathway. The Discipleship Pathway is a simple process throughout the church that equips people to become mature disciple makers of Jesus Christ. So I am learning from Long Hollow. We have also been implementing D Groups. D Groups are geared to equip Christians to live as disciple makers.

Then I started to hear about a powerful work of the Holy Spirit at Long Hollow. Hundreds of people being saved and baptized. So enough was enough. I recorded an “interview” with one of the pastors on staff at Long Hollow, Tim LaFleur. I strongly believe this will inspire you, encourage you, and lead you and your church to pray like you have never prayed before.

HERE is the link to this particular episode!

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