America And The Satanic Lullaby (PODCAST)

I learned recently about some of the specific persecution that is going on in Afghanistan. Women being sold into sex trafficking. Christians are literally running for the mountains and living in caves. Yet, it might be shocking for you to learn that up until this point the church is growing like crazy in Afghanistan. And this is true in Iran as well. When we fix our gaze on what is going on here in America we see a disturbing apathy that characterizes far too many churches and Christians. A pastor living in the Middle East recently referred to America as being under the influence of a “satanic lullaby.” What does that mean? Is it true? Let’s talk about it!

HERE is the link.


  1. Mamalava says:

    Powerful! It’s a scary picture, but now that you put the spotlight on it… Satan was Heaven’s worship leader and I think this description of the western church may be eerily accurate.

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    1. Great to hear from you! And yes, I agree 100%. Hope you have a great week!

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