Ladies, you gotta read this book!

I knew after reading the first couple pages that I was going to like this book. I don’t just like it, I love it. Rachel Jankovic speaks directly, boldly, and challenges many of the unbiblical messages that are being taught these days about what it means to be a woman. Here is how Rachel starts her book:

Perhaps I should open this book with a warning. If you are looking for a book that will gently pet your bangs and soothe your worried brow, telling you how beautiful you are, this is not it. I will not stick only to the feel-good themes and ways to boost your self-confidence, telling you that you (no matter what you are doing at the moment) are enough. I will not give you a big pep talk about how to fight for you, and there is no chapter on morning affirmations. This book is not here to help you in your quest for self-love. I want something much, much better for you, because I want something true for you.

The goal of this book is to encourage and equip believing women to see their identity in Christ as the most essential part of them, and to see all the ways that will work its way out in their lives, manifesting itself as strength, dignity, and clarity of purpose.

Have you found yourself saying or reading things like this?

“I was born that way.”

“God wants me to be happy.”

“Follow your heart.”

“I’m enough.”

Instead of merely getting upset that someone is challenging the way that you think (or talk), be open to the idea that God, through the power of his Word, wants to fill your mind with biblical truth and wisdom.

Moms, this is a great book for you to read, think about, and pray over. But it is also a great book to talk about with your daughters. Our daughters are in a world that desires to fill their minds with false concepts about what it means to be a woman.

HERE is where you can purchase this book (and a study guide), and I strongly recommend you do so.

If you want to get a better sense of the worldly wisdom that Rachel is fighting against spend a few moments watching the videos below.


  1. mspoelstra says:

    Uggh. I struggle with Rachel. I’m all for calling out wrong messages but she doesn’t limit herself just to clear sin- she also is hateful toward Beth Moore and others whom she disagrees on what i would consider grey areas…. and it seems like her platform is mostly against others rather than for the gospel. She’s also snide and Unkind. I mostly agree with her theology, except when it comes to women teaching, but I really struggle with seeing the fruit of the spirit in her delivery…

    Just wondering with such a glowing recommendation if you might also offer a word of caution….

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    1. I appreciate you writing that. That can serve as a warning to others who will read this post. As I have been looking at Rachel’s online presence I have not seen the things you mentioned. I bought her book and have been reading it. Again, did not see the negative things you mentioned. But again, your words and thoughts can remind us that every human author should be read in the light of Scripture. It is possible, as you know, for there to be great stuff in a book and some stuff that we need to discard. Thanks Melissa.


    2. Melissa, you should get this book by Rachel. It might change your mind a bit. I think it leaves out some of the stuff you mentioned and encourages women to draw closer to Christ.

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