Is God anti-gay?

We are in a time of massive misunderstanding when it comes to what the Word of God teaches about same-sex attraction (SSA). Have you heard about the Nashville Statement? If not then I will admit I am a bit jealous of your ability to carry on with your daily life without paying too much attention to what is going on in the social media world.

Anyway, the Nashville Statement is a document that a group of Evangelical Christians came up with to take a stand against same-sex attraction and transgender identity issues.

The social media world went CRAZY over this document. Lots of name calling and angry posts on both sides. It all just makes me sad.

My concerns about these issues are both parental and pastoral. I love my family and my church and I want them to know what the Bible teaches about these kinds of volatile topics.

With that said, I want to recommend a book to you. “Is God anti-gay?” by Sam Allberry.

I won’t go into great details about the book but let me give you a few reasons why I am recommending it. First and foremost Sam Allberry uses the Bible throughout this book. The Bible is always our source of knowing what it good and true. Another reason I like this book is because it has a nice balance of truth and love. Sam identifies himself as a man who has struggled with same-sex attraction. So this book comes from a person who understands, at a very personal level, what this conversation is all about. Which results in a book that is gracious towards those who are struggling with SSA. Lastly, the book is short! The copy I have is only 83 pages long. You can read it in a couple settings. In a culture (and a church!) that is so confused about SSA I highly recommend this book to everyone!


  1. Why does he call it SSA and not homosexuality?


    1. Hello. Yeah he explains that in the video. He feels like when a person say they are gay it can become their identity. Same sex attraction is something he feels but it does not define who he is.

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