LGBT. Truth and Love.

Last week I began following a “discussion” online related to an article entitled “Who’s In Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?” The article was written by Tish Harrison Warren.

No big surprise, it became a rather heated argument. Tish, in the article, was arguing that women in the Christian blogosphere need accountability for the things that they write and publish. Tish used the example of Jen Hatmaker supporting the LGBT community as an example of why accountability is necessary.

What caught my eye and caused my to make this blog entry is the following tweet by Rachel Held Evans.

I could be wrong. It would not be the first time nor the last, but it seems to me that Rachel is at least insinuating that Jen Hatmaker has taken a lot of criticism because she “embraces LGBT people.” Her words, not mine.

I want to argue that I do not believe that is the primary reason that Jen Hatmaker has taken criticism from some areas of the Christian world. Everyone should embrace the LGBT community if by that we mean love them and care about them. The problem many have with Jen, or anyone else for that matter, is when they depart from the truth of God’s Word. The truth is that homosexuality is sinful. If you want to read biblical arguments for why we should simultaneously LOVE the LGBT community and stand on the TRUTH that homosexuality is wrong I would encourage you to read THIS book.

Let me make my point clear. The idea that Jen is taking criticism for caring about the LGBT community is a straw man argument. The reason for the criticism is that we believe Jen has deviated from the Word of God and Orthodox Christianity.

Allow me wrap this up with another tweet. This is Shelly Giglio quoting Beth Moore.

Beth Moore Quote.jpg

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