The Devil and Politics

It’s good for Christians to speak their mind and to be involved with politics. But when does it go too far? I want to argue that it is possible to lose sight of our mission (Great Commission) as a church because we have been swept up in the political and cultural wars of our day.

C.S. Lewis is one of my all-time favorite writers. So much so that my oldest son is named after him (Justice Clive Wallenmeyer.) The following is from me, I just borrowed the idea from The Screwtape Letters. If you are not familiar with The Screwtape Letters it is important to know that it is an allegory. Screwtape is the devil and Wormwood is one of the devil’s demonic servants.

My dear Wormwood,

First of all I want to begin with sincere congratulations. You have exceeded my wildest expectations. One look at social media today makes it very clear that the followers of our enemy have given up the Great Commission so that they can be a part of a large number of “movements”. These Christians have figured out that the Great Commission is hard, tedious work. There is nothing flashy or sexy about it. Instead of spending time getting to know people in their neighborhoods and city they are trying to advance the enemy’s kingdom with hashtags and Facebook rants. Brilliant!  As you know by now, the key is to keep the hearts and minds of our enemies filled with deep angst. Cause them to focus on being right and winning arguments. Give them the delusion that the work they are now doing is a new expression of love.

You, my dear Wormwood, are due for a significant promotion.

In his grip,




  1. Julie Jobe says:

    This is so on target and oh, SO convicting.

    Julie Jobe


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to hear from you Julie! Convicting to me too!


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