You Can’t Be A Single Issue Voter

You can’t be a single issue voter. Have you heard this line of reasoning before?

I am staunchly against abortion.  Yet sometimes I hear people say that I should not vote for or against someone just based on one single issue like abortion.


Let’s say for a moment that there was a candidate who was pro-slavery. Would you let this one single issue keep you from voting for them? 

I hope to God that your answer is yes.

From a Biblical perspective isn’t murder just as bad if not worse than slavery?

Call me a single issue voter.


  1. Robin Bright says:

    It’s so crazy that my crazy is now being joined by so many other voices. I always told my kids, if they are not pro-life it doesn’t really matter what else they are.
    If they do not honor a tiny, helpless life and ruthlessly protect it…who cares about foreign policy or boosting the economy. When we have blood on our hands, nothing else is important.

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    1. Of course you can tell I agree with your post:) Unfortunately it seems like being pro-life is almost uncool these days. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. BTW-I love the way you are using the pain of your past and seeking to reach out and help others. You are making a difference!


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