Bundles of Hope

At New Life Evangelical Free Church we have started a ministry called Bundles of Hope. You can read more about it on Facebook and Twitter. Bundles of Hope is a ministry for women who are expecting a child yet they have little support and are feeling lonely, afraid, and unsure what to do.

Tomorrow, Feb 11, I am going to be on the radio at 8:45 AM talking about Bundles of Hope.

The lady, Janet Kilgo, who started this whole thing lives in Texas and you can learn more about her by watching this video.


  1. emyer says:

    Going on the radio! Very cool project. What is the local station?


    1. Did you click the link? 🙂 KWAT 950 AM


      1. emyer6972 says:

        Didn’t see the hyperlink. I got it.

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