Wallenmeyers are moving to Dallas-Fort Worth!

June 25 we leave New Jersey and head out to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We are (sadly) saying good-bye to many wonderful friends and, yet, at the same time looking forward to this new season of life.

Marcie has already begun a training program that will lead to her teaching middle school kids in Fort Worth. I will be looking for work in the area once we get down there.

We are looking for someplace close to Fort Worth to live. Here is what we need from you. We would love to hear from people who know the area (FORT WORTH) when it comes to good cities, neighborhoods, churches, etc…Anything you can share, insights, will help us to determine where we will live!




  1. Robin says:

    I don’t know too much about the Fort Worth area but we did visit there last December. We enjoyed visiting Matt Chander’s church (The Village) at their campus in Flower Mound which is about half way between Dallas and Fort Worth. Very nice little community there in Flower Mound. Blessings Michael!

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  2. What ministry are you with?


  3. Mark Savidge says:

    I have a very good buddy and mentor down in Allen, TX (northern suburbs of Dallas I believe). He’s the president of Cornerstone Pastors Network. He’s a great guy and can be of some help. He moved there about a year and half ago. Here’s his number (214)585-1933


    1. Thanks Mark! I will give him a call. Appreciate it.


  4. I’m in Midlothian (about 25 miles south of Fort Worth). I have friends scattered across the Metorplex. Mansfield was a consideration for us. We have friends in Crowley who like it there. Flower Mound is nice….There are lots of options.


    1. would you mind passing along your cell number? if so you can shoot it to me at 856-904-7092. maybe we can do lunch soon.


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