People Over Vision

About year four into my pastorate everything changed. I was hit like a Mack truck by the fact that the the church has been sent into our culture as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

Before my “conversion” I was satisfied with doing Sunday the best I could and trying to get people to come to church. It’s what I knew.

Once I began to see more clearly from Scripture that the role of leadership is to equip people (Ephesians 4) to live out the gospel (John 17:18) in the context of everyday life I became increasingly excited about this new/old (think Acts) vision.

One thing I would change If I could go back would be to lighten up on the vision and just enjoy spending time with people. I wrote statement papers about vision. I blogged about vision. Took our leaders on retreats and discussed our vision. It was vision 24/7.

Vision is important. Some level of holy dissatisfaction with the status quo is  healthy. Yet, if we are not careful, we can become impatient and forget to love people whether or not they are embracing the vision.

One lesson I have learned is people over vision.


  1. mspoelstra says:

    Good stuff Michael! Just finished praying for you guys!!!


  2. Keep the prayers coming. We could use them;)


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