Suburbianity-Christian Faith is Buried Under America

I have blogged for years about what it means to be missional in a suburban context. So, when a book comes along with the title “Suburbianity” I naturally take a moment to check it out and see what’s up. I have ordered the book, but as of yet have not read it. Challies has done a review of the book and he seems to like it. Once I receive my copy I will share my thoughts, but for now here is a video that describes the direction the book is taking…


  1. Gino says:


    I just got this book last week. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for posting the video, I hadn’t seen that yet.

    Want to read the book together and post comments?



    1. Would love to! Do you have a suggestion how we could do this? Strengths, weaknesses, things we learned, etc?


  2. I agree that this is a message that challenges people who live in the suburbs AND the city. No doubt about it. With that said, I do believe that for some there are underlying reasons why the chose to live in suburbia. Reasons that we need to be willing to think through from a gospel perspective. For one, the parents pursuit of “safety” for them and their kids. When is the pursuit of safety a good and godly thing and when does it actually keep us from following Christ and living radically for his kingdom? Patriotism. I have a patriotic heart, but the issue is what kingdom are we living for? We may find at the end of the day that we have lived a good American way of life but have not sought first the kingdom of God.


    1. the picture is better because Marcie is in it:)


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